Perfect stroller for a city life

Disclosure- This post has been sponsored by Ergobaby. All opinions are my own.

Living in a city can have it's own pros and cons. Especially metro cities like New York, New Jersey,  California and Atlanta where the traffic makes you stop at a stand still for hours during commute.
But there are some fun perks of living in a metropolitan. There are endless possibilities for socializing. There are a number of restaurants and attractions to enjoy. And getting up and going out on a stroll can take you to a fun hangout place within minutes. 

We love to travel, that is apparent with my blog đŸ˜… but traveling with 2 toddlers has it's own challenges and the biggest being to tend to them when they get tired. It always is very unpredictable when they will get tired or when they just want to sit and relax. Also the anount of stuff you need to carry around with a toddler (in my case 2) which makes it necessary to have a good handy stroller at all times.

While living in a city, it is necessary to have a compact stroller. Especially when you have a toddler who may want to walk a minute and then sit and relax the next. I wanted the perfect compact stroller which not just is easy to maneuver but also is light weight and quick to fold and open.

Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller was my top choice and it didn't disappoint. It can be said that compact meets comfort. The Ergobaby metro stroller is packed with plush and cushy padding around the head, back, bottom and legs making it very comfortable for the child. The leg rest adjustable as well which makes it perfect for your baby to stretch their legs. The stroller reclines too hence making it great for long use so your baby can take a nap in the stroller.

The Ergobaby metro stroller folds really small which can then be stored easily giving ample space for other stuff to be adjusted too. In this new Year, the new Metro - 2020 Metro includes a reinforced aluminum frame to support a higher max weight limit (50 lbs!). It has an upgraded wheel bearings for a smoother push, and a more rugged sun canopy which gives good shade to the child. From 3 months to uptil 50 lb, this stroller is here for the long run. 
It's dimensions are - 20.8 x 16.9 x 9 inches; 14.9 lbs (it can actually fit even in front of the seat near the leg space)

I would say that hands down this is our favorite stroller and is our current go-to for any outdoors.
Be sure to check out their website for their top of the class products-

Disclosure- This post has been sponsored by Ergobaby. All opinions are my own.

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