Great Wolf Lodge - should you visit during COVID?

This post is sponsored by The Great Wolf Lodge who graciously invited me and my family to enjoy a one night getaway of pure fun.

Debating where to go this season? The Great Wolf Lodge has you covered. I was there last weekend and not only did my entire family has an absolute blast, we felt safe while doing it.

Great Wolf Lodge has introduced it's new Paw Pledge program which is a company wide initiative which focuses on health and safety of it's visitors. They have developed guidelines based on advice from health authorities and public officials. They have collaborated with medical experts, sanitation specialists and industrial engineers to develop health and safety procedures. 

Click here to check out their paw pledge program. 

There were hand sanitizers after every few steps. Disposable masks were readily available in many places for the visitors to grab one incase they don't have one. Everyone under the age of 5 were adviced to wear a mask in all public areas except when they are sitting and eating or actively participating in the water park. The staff were always seen sanitizing areas. We felt quite at ease there.

The rooms were adorable as usual with the rustic theme. We had purchased the wolf pass which included a ton of activities and doing them itself took us a good entire day and few more hours (cause 2 toddlers you know). And what was more convenient was that we didnt have to really worry about using the public toilet (even though it was well sanitized) we could just head back to our room.

The wolf pass costed $59.99 and it included the following-

One MagiQuest game.

- One Compass Quest game, classic wand, standard topper, or Magi belt.

- One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup.

- One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5).

- One scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop.

- One round at Howl In One mini golf.

- One game of bowling at our fun-sized Ten Paw Alley.

- One admission to Moonstone Mine at Oliver's Mining Co.

- One Build-A-Bear animal (outfit not included).

- One leather wristband to take home.

We had so much fun solving the MagiQuest that we had our kids cuddled in their strollers and we headed out after dinner and stayed till 12am solving the clues. Well they turn off the machines at 12 so we had to call it a night.

The next morning the waterpark opened at 10am and we were at the door exactly then. So we got the waterpark quite empty since we were among the first inside. 

You needn't wear mask in the waterpark and they did try to keep single lines for traffic coming in and going out but inside the waterpark you are on your own to keep social distancing.

We did enjoy ourselves and then headed out for lunch. Had pizza, played mini golf (which was empty), played bowling (again almost empty) and called it a day.

We were exhausted but we still wanted more. This was the perfect weekend getaway.

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