Fish tank - keeping a pet fish, a satisfying new hobby to take over this summer

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2020 is a different year. For each and every one of us. It has been taxing for many and eye opening for others too. There have been ups and downs for sure but we are all in this together, learning the new normal.

This is the best time to be taking up a new hobby which would help keep you busy and bring some fun in life. I have a fish tank at home and it has kept not only me busy but my kids on their toes too. Taking care of the fishes and maintaining a tank is not too difficult once you get a hang of it. Did you know that there are various benefits of keeping a fish tank at home. It helps in reducing stress and improves sleep quality. It helps build concentration in children and also reduces anxiety. 

Thanks to my friends at Mars fish care I have some tips to help you get started with your own fish tank at home.
The basic things you need are-

- A fish tank (10 gallon is a great starter tank, you go bigger if you wish)
- Filter to keep the water in the tank clean
- light
- heater to maintain water temperature 
- a flat level surface to place the tank on
- decoration

Once you have the required materials, you can start by adding water to your tank. Tap water in general is not safe for the freshwater fishes. But the API stress coat will help to add a coating and make the water safe for fish instantly. 
Then you need to check if the temperature is correct for the fishes. Usually anywhere between 76 - 78 degrees are considered safe for the fishes and the heater helps maintain this temperature for your freshwater fishes.
Once the temperature is regulated, add some Stress coat again. After this you will need to add some API aquarium salt. This works like an electrolyte for the fish and helps for their bodily functions. You can also add the API quick start to make the water safe. 

It is safe to add fishes to your tank now.
The most adaptive and perfect starter fishes are tetras. They are called schooling fish or community fish and like staying in groups. So you may buy 4-6 of them. Additionally you can also buy some bottom feeder fishes which will help eat the leftover food and clear the tank, like platy or molly.

Below are some of the products which will be very efficient in getting your tank started and maintained. 

• API Stress Coat - API® STRESS COAT water conditioner makes tap water 
safe for fish by removing chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals from tap 
water. It contains Aloe Vera which has healing power and helps reduce fish stress 
by up to 40% and to heal damaged tissue and wounds. It helps reduce diseases in fishes as well.

• API Quick Start - API® QUICK START is best for use when starting a new aquarium, after water changes and filter changes, and 
when adding new fish to an existing aquarium. API QUICK START nitrifying bacteria allows for the instant 
addition of fish, as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle with 
beneficial bacteria.

• API Stress Zyme - API® STRESS ZYME bacterial cleaner contains over 300 
million live bacteria per teaspoonful to consume sludge and reduce aquarium maintenance, keeping your aquarium clean and improving the natural aquarium cycle. 

• API Accu Clear - API® ACCU-CLEAR water clarifier quickly clarifies cloudy 
water in your aquarium, eliminating haze to make your water crystal clear. 

• API Aquarium Salt - API® AQUARIUM SALT is made from evaporated sea 
salt. AQUARIUM SALT promotes fish 
health by improving gill function, making it easier for fish to breathe. It also 
provides essential electrolytes to the fishes. Use API AQUARIUM SALT in freshwater aquarium tanks when starting a new aquarium, and any time you perform a water change. 

• API 5-in-1 test strips - API® 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS are the quick and easy way to 
test the 5 most important aquarium water parameters – pH, KH, GH, 
nitrate, and nitrite – in one easy step.

• API Tropical Flake Food - API® TROPICAL FLAKES is designed specifically for 
tropical community fish such as Angelfish, Tetras, and Barbs, and contains 
a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of 
nutrients for maximum absorption.

You can visit this website to purchase these products -

Once you have all these required products to get you started then your job becomes easy. Make sure you do not add any aggressive fish in the tank with your schooling fish. 
It is a good practice to change about 25% of the water every 2 weeks. Even if you use the above products to maintain the tank, changing water is essential. 

Maintaining a fish aquarium is a labor of love. In time you will learn to take cues from the fishes and their behavior and know if they are thriving or if something is wrong with them. It is really fun to watch them swim around. The kids enjoy feeding the fishes too. 
Hope these tips will help you get your tank started in no time. 

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