Legoland Pirate Island Hotel - we could stay here forever

Disclaimer- Thank you Legoland for hosting me and my family at your amazing property and inviting us to your parks.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. 
If the life I get is what is inside of the new Legoland Pirate Island Hotel then I am all for it. This is was hands down one of the best trips we had in this year.

As soon you enter the premises you will be transported to a different era. The hotel is so immersive with all the wall paintings and Lego statues that we must have clicked a million pictures just outside of the hotel. 

The Legoland Pirates hotel did a great job of social distancing measures and precautions. We were checked for temperatures at the entrance. Since I had already checked in online, all I had to do was pick up the keys at the kiosk which was super cool to see. Lego character meet from a distance was also available right next to the front desk (they had timings).

The elevator took us singing to the pirates tunes. As soon as I entered the room, my kids decided this is what they want for their rooms at home. The kids had their own bunk beds with a pull out bed below. A television showing a cctv view of the notorious acts of the Lego characters in the elevator (making it super real for the kids). And there was a desk below with lego pieces for the kiddos to enjoy.

The toilet had minute details which was a nice touch. There was a smaller seat cover for the little kids, Q tips, small sewing kit and shower cap on the sink. 

The master bed was super adorable too with a map showing the way to the treasure as our head rest. Absolutely picture perfect. We had our own tv too. 

The most fun part was a treasure chest in the room which had a puzzle to solve to open the chest. And inside was a bunch of goodies for the kids. The kids really loved this and could not forget the treasure finding even after days. 

Though the room didnt have a microwave inbuilt, but if you let them know at the front desk, they have it sent to your room. This is super important to me since with 2 toddlers, having to heat milk is a 3-times-a-day task.

If all this wasn't enough, we were super blown away by the food there. Breakfast is included with your stay at the resort and they give you a feast. We had breakfast and dinner at their Shipwreck restaurant and the food was one of the best. It was full of flavor and the quantity was ALOT.
Since I had to have halal/kosher option, the chef informed us that they have an entire plant based menu option. The plant based substitute tasted DELICIOUS. The chef's name was Air and she was a darling. She was visiting each table personally and greeting everyone and making us feel right at home. Knowing we could eat seafood, she even sent a plate to taste it. 

Our dinner started with freshly made buns with butter. I am still drooling remembering it. Then we had the yummiest fruit veggie salad with all the right combinations. Then came the main course. It was a platter full of goodies. Plant based meatloaf, grilled cauliflower steaks, vegetable dumplings and crispy teriyaki tofu and veggies. Some creamy mashed potatoes made the dinner complete. We also had a delectable dessert with vegan marshmallows, fruits and chocolate dipping. 

The breakfast next day was as elaborate with waffles, biscuits, roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs and plant based sausage. Stuffed would be an understatement. 

The Legoland resort park being a minute walk away, we didnt feel hurried and could walk to the park at our own pace. The park itself has done a commendable job of maintaining sanitization and social distancing. The most wanted rides were given virtual lines which you could access via the Legoland app making it super convinient to reach your ride without any wait times. The other smaller rides had little or no wait time either. 

Since we were there at their Brick or treating weekend, we had so much fun collecting candies. They had set up stations where the staff would put candies through a pipe from one end and you can collect it directly in your bags in the other end. It made us feel pretty safe and yet allowed us to enjoy the Halloween spirit.
There were character meets from a distance too where you could take selfies with them afar.

 With the hot Florida weather, we enjoyed the water park to the fullest as well. It was amazing with all the water slides, waves and lazy river.
Since we were super tired by the end of the day, we didn't have to worry about driving back anywhere. Out of the gate and into the hotel we went. 

The Legoland Pirates hotel has 3 restaurants and you need to make prior reservations before dining. So make sure you put your reservations down even for the breakfast. They so have some fun activities like a Lego building workshop and Lego play area after every few spaces.

There were all happy faces and smiles during our entire stay. I don't think you can have a minute of boredom in this place. We had so much fun the entire time that it was hands down one of our highlights of this year. I would definitely suggest all you readers to check out this new hotel and make some amazing memories with your families. 

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