Escape the escape room

Escape room was first started as a video game in 2004. Slowly yet steadily this became popular as a permanent location game all over the world. To some it may seem thrilling, to others a scary challenge but it's a "must do" in my opinion.

I recently got the opportunity to participate in the escape game at the happening location of The Battery in Atlanta. The game I got to do was Gold rush. The main task in all rooms are the same. You have 60 minutes to solve the clues and break out of the room. There is a storyline and the rooms reflect the story, hence creating an immersive atmosphere and making you feel like a character of the story.

It is tremendously fun and yes we did break out with barely over 3 minutes to spare.
Some tips that I would give is that go with a good group of friends. You do not want to end up in a catfight .. lol .. it requires teamwork and distribution of tasks within people.
Be calm and do not over think. Some clues are as simple as they look and you need not go overboard with imagination.
Are you claustrophobic? Well the entrance/exit room is unlocked at all times. So if you want to, you may step out anytime you wish.
Have kids? Though kids will be a distraction since you have time limitation and clues to solve, kids can go in with you. They just may be all over the place.

I would definitely love to visit more and more escape rooms and try out the different scenarios and storylines that they have created. I will say YOU NEED TO DO THIS ATLEAST ONCE. So go for it. Its a lot of fun.

Disclaimer- I was provided entry free of cost to experience this but all opinions are honest and my own.

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