Four places to visit with a walker and a crawler

Travelling is an essence of life. It's not always about having a perfect vacation but rather making the perfect memories with the ones you love.
I have seen many families staying at home rather then managing to take 2 kids so young out other then casual walks because they think it's too high maintenance. But kids need to explore the world. At this young age they are grasping and learning things faster then an adult brain and constantly need stimulation and experiences to learn things.
I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old, a walker and a crawler. This age is a challenging one since the 1 year old is crawling and wants to get down. The 2 year old has recently mastered walking and does not want to sit tight in a stroller and is too young to be left around to wander as well. Oh the fun it is to parent this age.
Here are 4 places which would be great to take these little ones to-
Hands down one of the best cities to take your little ones. The happiest place on earth is the best choice for this age. You not only immerse the kids in the magic but as an adult we become kids ourselves. Each of the 4 parks in Disney have some or the other attractions for the little ones. Some rides, some shows and a lot of Disney characters and fun faces to capture their tingling hearts. You may easily spend 4+ days there to visit each park but Magic kingdom has the most for this age.

Seaworld Orlando is a marine zoological park and theme park near Orlando. It's a great experience for the kids to watch the marine life up close and personal. I think it's one of the most captivating experiences for children this age. The shows are very nice as well. There are rides for the adults to enjoy too so it's pretty much a win win.
Crayola experience.  Well this one has some mixed reviews since I feel it is over priced. But if you are OK to spend some money just for relaxation and for the kids to enjoy then this is a great place to let their inner Picasso let loose. The place has a few push button kinda activities and lots of coloring opportunities. The LIVE performances seemed to make my kids happy and we spent a good 2-3hours there letting the kids roam free from their strollers.
Some of the best beaches in Florida are just an hour or so driving distance for you to get away and make the most with the kids. Toddlers simply love getting their hands dirty at beaches.
Branson is a city in Missouri which has SO much to do that you won't believe it's not hyped up enough. With kids so small, this is the perfect place to getaway.
The Silver dollar city is a theme park with lots of fun rides and shows for the entire family. The Titanic museum, Branson's promosed land zoo, Wonderworks, Hollywood wax museum are just a few places to have loads of fun with kids these age.
We even visited the Branson showboat which has a dinner package with broadway style show. It was one of the most spectacular things I saw. The cruise runs smooth and if the kids do not stay put during the show you may take them to separately arranged rooms for kids or even on the deck to see the beautiful views outside

Drive a little more to Springfield, MO and you can reach Wonders of wildlife which is the world largest fish and wildlife attraction in the world. You need an entire day to have a relaxed stroll around while your kids watch in awe.
Not too far from Branson is Stafford where you can find the Wild animal safari. It is a MUST do with kids. You get to go on a tour and feed the wildlife in their natural habitat. Its a lot of fun and kids will come back asking for more.
If you are a metro person then Chicago is a great place to visit. It has one of the best downtowns in my opinion. You have a range of stuff to do right in the heart of the downtown. Shedd aquarium, Museum, Planetarium (if kids cooperate in the dark but not recommended based on your kids temperament), Willis tower, Buckingham fountain, Millenium park, The Bean, Navy Pier and so much more. Just a stroll around the lake is great.
You can also do a boat tour of the downtown which is fun for these ages.
Lincoln zoo has some fun exhibits to offer. You may also visit Brookfield zoo for a more elaborate zoo experience.

This city is pretty much filled with things to do and spend an entire weekend if not more.
San Diego, CA
San Diego is one of the most versatile and action packed city for the entire family. Places to visit there ranges from Sea world to the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego zoo is one of the best in the country. A nice relaxing stroll by Balboa park can be fun for every ages alike.
And just an hour and half drive from there is Disneyland which is perfect for the walkers and crawlers.
There are some really nice beaches and bays near San Diego which is great for little ones to chill out and let loose.
Going on a trip with children this age can be challenging since they have a developing personality and never ending needs that have to be catered to. But it's all about taking it slow, going at their pace and maintaining their sleeping and eating routine. Since kids thrive when they go on their routine and this keeps them less cranky and easier to handle during trips. So just go out and have fun.

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