Disney trip must have in your luggage

So you have planned your Disney trip. Now the fun and excitement begins. Planning a trip to Disney can be even more fun then planning your own wedding (or so I have heard my friends say) HAHA
If your a planner and want the Disney magic to begin even before you reach there then you have come to the right place.

No Disney trip can be done without a pair of Mickey ears. Well you can have as many as a pair for each park day but the trip would be incomplete without having one. 

Can you believe my first Disney trip I did not buy Mickey ears. Came home without them and kept nagging myself to have bought one. Well I didnt make the same mistake again. And on this trip - a pair for each day. Well the joy it brought me to having fun with such cute pair of ears and playing around with them at the park. You can grab the Mickey ears at any Disney stores at the park or even Disney springs. You may get them at the Disney website. Or you can grab some from etsy stores by some very hardworking and talented smallshop owners who have made this their livelihood to make and sell custom ears. Their quality is not only superb but you get custom made ears at a reasonable rate with great personalized customer service.





Matching mommy and me dress- https://www.etsy.com/shop/FashionStylishDress


Now that we have the ears sorted out, lets talk about the outfit. You can go traditional with the Mickey Minnie theme, or glam it a little with princess themed clothes or even get matching shirts for your entire family. Its so much fun planning out outfits especially for your little ones, keeping in mind their favorites and seeing them live a day of awe and joy and feeling the magic.
Etsy sells some really good stuff. There are sellers who sell matching shirts, or even vinyl to help you customize your own clothes. You can get glamorous Princess outfits or even cotton comfy versions of them for your little ones. Go practical or All out, sellers at etsy have you covered.



Use code 15DISNEY for 15% off. Valid until May 23rd.


Every Disney trip has a bag involved. Be it a diaper bag or a bag for your drinks and snacks. A bag is a must have for a Disney trip. So why not have a Disney themed bag? There are various funky designs available in store and on etsy and other stores online who sell Disney themed bags.


If you want to take your Disney game to another level, grab a pair of Disney themed shoes. Yep that's right. Sellers at etsy have them either custom printed (which are pretty inexpensive) or hand paint them as per your preference (which is quite pricey but a lovely keepsake. The handpainted ones are made with extra care to make sure they withstand the heavy duty walks at Disney and the colors also are waterproof. You can wash them and the shoes will be as good as new with the paint intact. 




Well the plus point in buying from etsy is that you can directly message the seller and ask them what exactly they use and take their guarantee in writing.
And now if you want to go even more EXTRA, grab some Disney themed jewelry. A bracelet, earring or even necklace. Once you sink in to the Disney magic, you may end up wanting All Disney  Well disney themed jewelry you can find a ton online for very affordable prices.

What are your "must haves" for your Disney trip. I would love to know your ideas to make this trip even more memorable with themed and coordinated outfits and accessories.

Disclaimer- Some products have been provided to be free or discounted. All reviews and opinions are unbiased and my own.

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