Disney on ice

If you have been following me on my posts and Instagram then you know how big a Disney fan I am. And so it was without question that I HAD to experience Disney on ice. With Mickey and Minnie's 90th birthday and their confetti filled outfits, the show was a celebration spectacular.

The entire stage was transformed into ice for the characters to glide seamlessly and show off their skating skills which were perfectly on point.
The arena was filled with smiling faces, kids and adults alike. Stories of fairytales were relived. 

The opening act was by Goofy and Donald who wanted to gift Mickey and Minne the perfect birthday gift. Then the stories of Beauty and the beast, Frozen and Dory were enacted. After a short interval Toy story and Aladdin came up with their charms and then the finale with all the Disney prince and princesses and even the charactersof Lion king.
A few were missing like Moana, Tinkerbell and Merida who I wish to have seen but the show was superb.

Some tips to keep in mind-
> Since it is ice on the stage, bring some warm clothing for your kids.
> Get some light up kinda toy since almost every kid will be holding somehing Disney theme in their hands especially the light up ones.
> Dress your kids up just for fun. This is a perfect place to take out all your Disney themed stuff and put them to use.
> Book early to get closer seats since it is best enjoyed from a front view.
And the rest will be taken care of by the enthusiastic audience and the Disney magic around you.
Grab your tickets soon - https://www.disneyonice.com/100-years-of-magic

Disclaimer- Tickets were provided to me for the show. All opinions are honest and my own.


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