PBR - unleash the beast

Bull riding was an event completely put of my typical genre. I hadn't seen one in person nor on the television, except that one time where it was Scott Eastwood in the Nicholas Sparks movie (it counts I think). Ahem.. But I did not know what to expect.
My first reaction was - Is this safe for the bull? I mean I am concerned for the riders too but they have Free Will!!!

I started reading on PBR's website in regards to this and found some interesting information. You may read the details on this link - https://www.pbr.com/animalwelfare
But in a jist, utmost care is taken for the animal's welfare and they are treated with the best of diet and each of their personalities and traits are taken into consideration as well.

After this my mind was put to ease and I went to see the show which I frankly thought was going to be just alright, but I had a great time. The 8 seconds on the bull seems like a lifetime. And every second LITERALLY counts. Each performance is so captivating and full of adrenaline rush since you have no idea what is about to happen. Every time the athlete came out, I sat praying that both the bull and the rider may be out of harm or injury. And well the riders gave a great show. I was impressed by their confidence and commitment to this and how much of a difficult task this event is.

Not only did I enjoy but my kids did too. With the cheering crowd, and the entertaining show there wasn't a dull moment.
Unleash the best is an elite series where the top perform to have a finale in Nov at Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena. If you do get a chance, go and watch this live.

Disclaimer- Tickets were provided for my honest feedback.

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