Candytopia - overdosed on yumminess

Finally Candytopia opened its doors to Atlanta and Minnesota.  I had been hoping to visit it in NY but oh boy was I lucky that they came to me.
It is set up just around Lenox Mall in Atlanta.

Candytopia is exactly what it is. A land of candies. There are various rooms you get to enter with different set up to excite your different senses. Each room is themed in a completely different way. Some have a vintage room set up, another room takes you to a room filled with various smells, then you enter a room of crystals hanging overhead and mirrors around and then you have a confetti filled room and so on.

It is fun for every age. My toddler and infant were having the time of their lives since every room had a chest of box full of candies where you get to pick one. Good thing that every candy had labelled if they are gluten free, kosher etc which is great for anyone having dietary concerns. I was acting like a child myself there, which didnt seem out of place since everyone was behaving like a kid. Some rooms had interactive photo ops which would be directly emailed to you. Pretty neat. Candytopia has its own app which also lets you interact with some displays as well. I had a good amount of candies piled up in my pocket. And a ton of confetti all over me. Lots of fun photo opps especially Instagram worthy.
Make sure to book your tickets since they sell out fast.

Disclaimer- I was invited for a pre opening sneak peak event.

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