Sesame street live- a full family event

I simply cannot get the magic words out of my head.. SesaYou SesaME .. this is what we went home chiming all together with my husband and kids. Yes the little toddler who is just learning words was repeating too. Such was the fun filled aura of the entire night.

Sesame street Live brings a show that is full of energy and fun. There wasn't a bored face in the audience. Not only were the kids and adults singing but were all dancing about too. We couldn't keep sitting on our chairs while the energetic show kept us engaged. 

Elmo and Abby took us on a journey to learn magic while also understanding some fun concepts of science. The cookie monster filled us with laughter with his punch lines and Count von Count just wanted a chance to come back on stage and spooktacular performance. The show was not just sing along songs but a good learning experience for little ones of some basic concepts of science. The colorful stage made my 8 month old girl squeak with enthusiasm too.

The show was quite spectacular. In the lobby of the theater, there were fun stuff like character toys and caps and also a photo booth to get your photos clicked with the sesame street theme. 

I would say you all to hurry and check out if there are any shows coming near you.. It will be great fun for you and your kids alike.
Check out the website -
And if you did watch the show .. Plz share your experience too.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are entirely unbiased and honest.

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