Disneyworld- worth the hype?

So you must have seen people who keep raving about Disney day and night. And then you also see people who (it seems) have dedicated their lives to Disney!!! Like literally
And then there was me.. who as a travel lover would think "yep I need to go to Disney once and then I am done". So I did go.. and again and again and want to AGAIN

Why? Well for one it makes you forget adulthood for a bit. You may think that it's just another theme park? But no.. it's more of a fantasy childhood dream come true... Each ride transports you to some place new and exciting. And to top it off, you have something new every year and infact every holiday season too.

The park is decorated to match every holiday, making it a great spot to go just to see it transform. And there are special events like Mickey's very merry christmas party and Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party which need special tickets and happen only few special days. It's like a festival for children, only its not just children but adults enjoying wholeheartedly too.
When I visited the park the first time, I did not intend to return since there are so many other places I could explore in that given time. But I WAS WRONG. The moment I returned I wanted to go back. I had already mentally started planning for my next visit ☺☺

This time I went with my 22 month old and 7 month old. Yup it was tricky managing with them but not too difficult since many rides are kid friendly and then you have amazing shows to watch too.

There is a baby care center in every park which is equipped with the perfect environment to have some stress free baby time. The entrance has a whole aisle of stuff from clothing to baby food and diapers and wipes available for purchase. Then there is an entire room full of baby changing stations. There is a microwave oven available in here so you can comfortably heat food. There are nursing rooms separate in there and also another room which has TV and tables and chairs where you can feed your kids. This makes it pretty nice and cosy since I know for sure my kids eat distraction free and in Disney you can easily get distracted with so many things around so this gives a relax time.

The park has considered every aspect of things making it a great spot for every age to enjoy. The staff is very friendly and helpful too.
And soon after this trip.. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK
He he he

I will say that Disney sure is worth the hype. I haven't come across one person who has visited that place and does not want to return. Plus you need a whole lotta days to see the park in entirety. Its not just the rides but the whole aura of being there.
What are your experiences? Do you feel the same? Let me know in the comments. 

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Another blogpost coming soon on "Avatar flight of passage or Navi river (if you have to choose)"
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Visit or revisit? REVISIT (for sure)
I was provided ticket for the park but all opinions are my own and unbiased.

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