Walt Disney World for first timers

I will not lie.. this was my first time at Disney too :) and I may not seem to be the exact right person to be advising on this but after spending 8am to 1am and juggling 2 different parks I did feel there were some things which had I known or read or noticed better then I would be at an advantage.

I had one day and a hopper pass. So I had to narrow down my park to visit. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and also have a 11 month old baby. So in this case scenario I did a few rides which was fine by me and tried not to go crazy but I am sure those in fitter health can do better then me.

So a few pointers I wish I knew as a first timer (specially who are short on time) -

1. Use the WDW app. It works real time and shows you which ride has how much wait time, It also works like a map and shows you the whole park very well.

I had not made myself familiar with the app and did not care much thinking that I would select the fastpass rides as and when I can. I may look like a fool but I kept running back from Fantasyland to Frontierland in hopes of being able to do the Pirates of the Caribbean which had a longgg wait time and I already had used up my 3 fast passes and had booked my 4th which didn't let me select another one.
I think I wasted about an hour as I had gone back and forth around 4 times to get a shorter line. Maybe it was my pregnancy hormones but I just wasn't giving up.
Little did I know, and no one had told me that the app SHOWS how much wait time is there for each ride. And I kept running back there to check like a fool.

2. Bring plenty snacks. 

You will get tired in this park. There is a lot to see and no time to waste. You will hardly get any snacks around with out a huge line where be prepared to stand atleast 20-30 mins in the line to get to order. Its better if you carry snacks with you to avoid wasting time in that.

3. Be among the first in the park and get the major rides done.

The park opened at 8am and uptil 9.30 am the rush was fine. After that it got really jam packed. So keep the major attraction ride which you REALLY want to do for first thing in the morning. That way you have shorter wait time.

4. Check the park timings. 

Be sure to make your travel plans after you have checked the park timings. I had to alter my iterinary as initially I was going on a Thursday and Magic kingdom was open only till 6 pm that day for regular visitors and then later on for extra shows and magic hours guests.
Where as on the previous date it was open till 11 pm so I changed my plans to that date. Make sure you know your park timings before yiu confirm your plans.

5. If you don't care much for the firework show at Magic Kingdom then get major rides done.

I had not planned any character meet just because each of them had around an hour wait time. And my baby is too small to demand it. So I just left that out for next time. I had planned to do more rides rather then watch the fireworks.
I was just passing the Little mermaid exactly at the time of the fireworks and guess what? 5 mins wait time.. I merrily went and met her and was out in a total of 5 - 10 mins. After the fireworks ended it went back to 60 min wait time in a matter for seconds.

6. Wear the most comfy shoes and clothes.

I was walking from morning 8 am uptil night 1 am. And was completely drained out by the time I reached home. You will have to walk a lot and stand in long lines so make sure to be at you most comfortable.

7. Skip the train ride (as a ride) but rather use it for commute.

I took out special time out of my schedule to do the train ride thinking its going to be a nice long scenic ride around the park but its just a way to commute between Fantasyland to Frontierland and the main gate. Its not really scenic and totally dark if you take it at night.
But it will save you time if you use it to reach different lands. You can carry your stuff and also strollers with you on board so its great to save time.

These are just a few pointers for first timers. I will keep adding more as and when I remember. You may also leave some suggestions and comments below that may be of help to other readers who are first timers and can hopefully help them be a pro before they enter Walt Disney World.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Visit or revisit - Revisit (you just cannot get enough of this magical place) only wish it wasn't so expensive. 

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