Luxury camping in the wild...

Full moon and the sound of wolves

My tent

Seems unreal but it is an experience of a life time. If you ever visit Yellowstone National Park, I would definitely recommend Glamping out here. Well if you are wondering what Glamping is .. Simply put its Glamorous Camping.

Do not mistake this for a normal tent. Inside you have everything from
- Full bed linens & towels
-Furniture including; beds, rugs, safari chairs, coat stand, chest of drawers, bedside tables & a lantern
- A wood burning stove in your tent with complimentary firewood

You even have a luxury bathroom with hot water shower and flushing toilet.

The night view

The view from the tent was breathtaking with miles and miles of open wilderness. And the far depths covered with mountains. At night I did hear the wolves growling. And the night I stayed there was a bad thunderstorm. I did feel every second that the tent might not hold up but I was surprised by the strength it had.

Scenic view from the tent

There are many tents there but few deluxe ones are spread far apart to give you a unique experience. The area is fenced so the question of safety is answered. 

You can check out the website for bookings and rates. It surely is a bit pricey but its worth the experience once in your life.

Experience of a lifetime
Visit or revisit - VISIT (due to the high price) 

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