SOLD OUT “Sticker Movie” Adds Fifth Screening to NYC Premiere January 12-14 Due to Popular Demand (New York, January 13th 2024)-- AXS Fund-winner Sticker Movie has officially sold out

Coming off of a sold out world premiere in Portland, OR, Sticker Movie heads to the iconic BK Art Haus for its East
Coast Premiere. Featuring four screenings, after parties, a gallery showcase, filmmaker panels, and a live podcast
recording, the weekend will bring together established and upcoming stars alike from the sticker and documentary
"There is no place like New York City. Bringing Sticker Movie to my hometown fills me with indescribable joy and
gratitude,” per Writer/Producer Sha-Risse Smith. “I am a New Yorker to the core, my family has lived here for five
generations. I am proud to partner with The Brooklyn Art Haus for the East Coast Premiere and participate in their
shared vision of creating dynamic platforms and safe spaces for independent artists." Director Will Deloney adds,
"Screening Sticker Movie is not just a cinematic experience; it's a celebration of the diverse voices that shape the
cultural collage of our international sticker community. And there is arguably no other city on the planet that has more
style, and visual appeal for sticker heads than NYC. This is going to be EPIC."
Sticker Movie is a celebration of sticker culture worldwide. A film created by sticker people, it stitches together colorful
patchworks of stories told by the artists, photographers, and collectors who shape the subculture of graffiti known as
sticker art. The sticker community is the heart of this subculture, and Sticker Movie is their legacy. Screenings of the
film are gathering places for sticker lovers and film enthusiasts alike.
Spanning 23 countries and over 80 artists, Sticker Movie offers a rare glimpse into the underground world of this
subset of graffiti. Featuring a cast of: Shepard Fairey, Chris RWK, Niceo CM, and Fasermacka. Produced by
Emmy-winning creative studio Pixelated Ideas, Sticker Movie is a winner of the AXS Film Fund . Emmy Award
Winner Will Deloney directs with Sha-Risse Smith and Tori Luecking jointly serving as writers/producers. Ricky de
Laveaga and Alicia Parrott co-produce, with Stacey Governale-Bloom heading Press Relations. Danielle Benedict
and Jake Casey lead worldwide sales on behalf of The Dazey Phase.

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