Melon's house party - perfect podcast for the little minds

Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Wonderykids and Melon's house party.

Wondering how to tickle your child's imagination without being directed towards screen time. Well we just found a great way to do that. Melon's House Party is a fun podcast for kids between the ages 5 to 12 years. 

Melon is an eight pound dog with a HUGE heart. She can hear objects in the house sing. She has a world full of friends and her best friend is Couch who always figures out ways to do things together. She teaches us to be better people and about the importance of friendship and family.

The podcast uses original music which makes it even more catchy for the kids.

New shows come out every Wednesday. The shows are 30 minutes each which is perfect to listen to while doing chores around the house or even in the car. It is family friendly so you don't really need to be a kid to enjoy it 😀

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