Organic bread for kids - guide for a picky eater

Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by Arnold, Brownberry, Oroweat” Organic Bread. All opinions are my own.

What is a parent's worst fear? Having a picky eater. It is not an easy task to feed a child who gives you a hard time to eat. I have been dealing with it since a while now and the amount of frustration we both go through is terrible. 

I am sure many of you may relate to me when I say that my kids refuse food before even touching them. They decide they don't like something just by looking at it or even hearing its name. 
Solution? Well make it pretty and don't give out the contents before they try it out.
I would be lying if I say that it works 100% but it surely works many times and has helped us like food which we hadn't liked before.

There are a few trusted brands I have started using for my kids which are now a staple in my house. One of them being Arnold's all-new Arnold Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread made with whole wheat featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
Being the Disney loving family that we are, just the packaging itself excites my kiddos. Well this mama secretly munches on it too 😅 I mean I am still so in love with the packaging that it makes our hearts happy.

There are various benefits of eating organic food, they are better for the environment, they contain less pesticides and are often made from natural fertilizers.

You can create a variety of nutritious recipes for kids. We love trying out recipes from the website 
The Disney Check is a quick and easy way for kids and families to identify nutritious choices in stores, at live-event venues, online, on-air and at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. All foods featuring the Disney Check meet the company’s Nutrition Guidelines. So you can be rest assured that the recipes found here have nutritious ingredients and provide healthier substitutions. 

● Kids love role play and so I try to include them while making their food. Involve them in mixing or adding ingredients and they would be more inclined to try the food out. 
● Bring in some creativity in the food you serve them. Create some fun shapes which would make them curious to eat. 
● Try to hide some healthier ingredients in the food you serve. Make nuggets out of veggies, or make veggie pancakes. Try to add veggies to smoothies. So even if they may say no, they might just start trying food out and once they show interest in it, you can do the big reveal of letting them know what was actually served.
● Do not give up. Kids may say no quite a few times before they agree to start eating somethings. But be consistent on serving it again every few days and do not give up on it. 

Involving kids in making their food is a great way to bond with your child and create a healthier eating habit. They will not only feel important but also make them learn early to help out in the kitchen. They will look forward to this activity daily and be inspired to start creating some recipes on their own. This is great for their mental growth and giving them a sense of independence. 

Arnold Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread is specially created for picky eaters. It is made with Whole Wheat and is quite yummy and soft and smooth. Organic Whole Grains is the first ingredient in Arnold Organic bread.

This bread is plant-based which is very important to us since not only does it help my halal diet eating family but also keeps us assured that quality ingredients have been used. It has a good source of Vitamins A, D, & E. It uses USDA Organic ingredients and is also freshly baked using renewable wind energy.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Arnold Organic donates a portion of this bread's revenues to support environmental causes. You can check out their website here -

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