A hidden paradise - The King and Prince resort

Sometimes paradise is closer then you think. Living in Georgia since sometime now, I had only heard about St Simon islands but never thought of visiting it. I was so wrong for not visiting it sooner.
This island is just off Georgia coast and know for it's salt marshes and sandy beach. It is a part of what is called the Golden isles. With some historic places to visit and beautiful stretch of beach to relax, this place refreshed my body and and soul.

As soon I entered the Golden Isles, the smell of salty ocean breeze and the earthy feel gave us a welcome feel. I reached The King and Prince Resort late at night with no energy (long drive with 2 toddlers). But as soon as I entered the room I was blown away. I was filled with renewed freshness. The room was very cosy and the view BREATHTAKING.

We were in the Ocean front room and believe me when I say I never saw such a beautiful sunrise. I mean just imagine.. watching the sky change into majestic colors and the sun rising while you are laying in your bed.

 There were 2 Queen beds in the room, a two seater sofa, a table chair, refrigerator and even a vanity space. The balcony was a good size with the view of the swimming pools below and the endless ocean in the front.

A little history about the resort-
It first opened as a dance club in 1935 and they expanded the property 6 years later to open as a hotel. Then during World War II they closed the hotel and it transformed into a naval coast-watching and training facility. In 1947 they reopened as a hotel and have continued to expand and renovate it’s facilities. 
They are now a luxury resort offering Villas and houses alongside their hotel for larger groups and families.

After getting a refreshing sleep we went down to their in house restaurant Echo which had a panoramic view of the ocean with both indoor and outdoor seating. And the food was exceptional. I tasted the most unique and usual flavors and combinations ever. I don't think I ever clicked more pictures of my food ever before. Each dish was so beautifully presented as if asking for a photo opp 😅

This Georgia island resort has over 10,000 square feet of ocean-side function space, spanning a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. With a gorgeous outdoor lawn just steps from the ocean and the four indoor banquet areas, The King and Prince is the ideal setting for that special day. The Georgia beach hotel features full catering services, reception space for 50 to 300 guests, and a professional event staff to coordinate every detail. 
The King and Prince resort has its own golf course.

This beautiful resort has won numerous awards from names like TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Southern Hospitality etc. And it truly deserves the recognition for the hospitality it serves and the courteous staff who work there. 

There is a lot to do at St Simons islands, but a getaway at The King and Prince resort is an experience that will bring you closer to paradise. 

Disclaimer- I was offered complimentary stay but the opinions are completely my own.

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  1. WOWWWWWW!!!! This is truly remarkable andddd my first time reading your blog. hehe I am hooked!!!!


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