Disney themed magical snacks

Disclaimer- This post is in partnership with Walt Disney World. All opinions and ideas are my own. There maybe affiliate links in this post.

Every Disney party needs a Disney themed snacking option. I have put down some very easy to make snacks for your guests which are classic and a sure hit. These will be loved by all ages.

1. Mickey shaped cupcakes

Any cake mix of your choice
Pillsbury Cream Cheese Filled Pastry Bag
Wilton Red Polka Dot Baking Cups
Oreo thins

Bake the cake as per instructions in the Wilton baking liners. Add frosting to each cupcake and top it with Oreo thins on ech side for the Mickey ears.

2. Princess wand

Natural Home 100ct Skewers
Wilton Star Fondant & Cookie Cutters 6ct

Cut the watermelon into slices and cut them in star shapes with the cookie cutter. Now insert 1 strawberry into the skewers followed by 5 blueberries again 1 strawberry and 5 blueberries and lastly the star shaped watermelon. Ta da. You have a magical wand.

3. Mickey sprinkle ice cream

Clear plastic cups (4oz)
Breyers vanilla ice cream
One box of Oreos
Wilton Disney Junior 0.88 oz. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sprinkles

Put oreos in a ziplock and crush them well with a roller pin. Mix these crushed oreos with the vanilla icecream. Put it back in the freezer for atleast and hour.
While serving, add a scoop of the oreo ice cream in the cup and sprinkle it with the mickey sprinkles. Yummy.

4. Popcorn cake from Popped Passion

Well I do not have the recipe for this magical creation,  you can buy this unique popcorn cake from here -
So many options for customization and flavors too. (I was gifted these graciously and trust me they were a HUGE HIT at my party)


  1. These Disney-themed snacks are awesome! Perfect for playdates, parties, and gatherings (or even just because!) I love the Princess Wand, it's so creative, visually pleasing, and healthy! The popcorn cakes from Popped Passion are SCRUMPTIOUS!

  2. Oh boy!! That was so cute!!! Thank for sharing these wonderful snack ideas!!! Great for packing lunches next week.


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