Marvel LIVE on tour

There is harmony in chaos and that can very well be witnessed in the Marvel LIVE show. Imagine a movie scene where you have a number of fight sequences going on but the camera can just capture one and show one at a time. Well this show is LIVE and you get soak it in all together.

Let me just name you out the characters you will get to see in this show-
Black panther
Captain America
Stephen strange
Captain Marvel
Black widow
Iron fist
Maria Hill
Green Goblin
Star lord
Black cat

They all come together to give you a show to remember. The stunts are high octane and mind boggling. It is fun for all ages. My 2 year old was having so much fun watching the characters come to life.
The story is a classic one. Thor destroys the Cosmic Cube, which was a relic at the movie Thor: The Dark World, and splits it into three parts. Iron Man discovers that Loki has created his own version of Cosmoc cube.
Iron Man with the help of the Avengers find the three parts of the Cosmic cube to help save the world from the evil hands of Loki.

There are some really cool stage effects with bike stunts and arial acts.
There is a 20 minute interval in between and then the show takes off with a finale of all the heroes coming together and saving the day. The men and the boys were tbe ones enjoying the most in the audience.

Grab your tickets now.

Disclaimer- I was provided complementary tickets for the show. All opinions are honest and my own.

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