Pandora-the flight of passage Or the navi river journey

To all the Disney lovers and even the not yet lovers out there.. Disney is a magical place where you will forget all your worries and enjoy like there is no tomorrow. But everyone wants that piece of magic and hence the abundance of crowd 😔
Still Disney has done a wonderful job to maintain harmony in all the chaos.

Animal kingdom opened its doors to two mindblowing rides last year from Avatar. Both are extremely themeful and very well made. Only problem.. you cannot book a fastpass for both. You can book either one. So if you are confused which one to book for? Blindly take Pandora the flight of passage.

Pandora is one of a kind ride. It is a simulation ride where you will feel like you are riding on the back of a Banshee.. but you need to ride to realise how realistic it is. I was truely blown away.

Navi river journey is a slow boat ride similar to many others you must seen in Walt Disney World. It's veru themeful and gorgeous but it is not extraordinary. I was also a little sad that it got over too soon.

Also to note is that the standby line for Pandora is WAY longer then Navi. It took me 2.5 hours from start to the end of the ride in standby. And this was when I reached at 8.30 in the morning when the park was to open at 9. Yes there were people swarming everywhere from 8am

After experiencing both the rides I would still ride the Pandora again but Navi.. not so much.
Check the app day and night. Cancellations can happen anytime. You might just get lucky.

Visit or revisit? REVISIT

Disclaimer- I was provided tickets but all opinions are entirely unbiased and my own.

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