Stone mountain park - Fall festival

October is a great time to visit some ofthe many kid friendly attractions in every city since they are usually fall and pumpkin themed decorated with loads of activities for little ones.

Stone mountain park is flowing with great stuff to do in this month. The entire place is decorated with glow in the dark pumpkins which are carved so beautifully.  Many have fairy tale carvings making the kids even more excited. There is a carnival which makes rounds full of music and dance. 

There are numerous trails within the park and even surrounding the stone mountain.  I managed the trail with my 2 kids under 2. The Kings trail is fairly easy and quite scenic and not very crowded.
If you can hike up the mountain then great. Else you may take the skyride which gives a great view. 

The laser and fireworks show at the end is not to be missed. And if you stay till dark then the glow in the dark pumpkins will take you to a different place altogether.

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