Atlanta botanical garden

Atlanta is a nice city with lots of fun places to visit. And Botanical gardens is some place you would not want to miss. I am personally not going to compare this to any other botanical garden since I did like some others more in other cities, but each has its own unique display.
Through October 28th the Botanical gardens feature the Imaginary worlds. The giant displays are beautiful and so unique. Each display is made to perfection with well though out plants making up a dance of union. 

The garden itself is very well made with pathways where you can stroll to your leisure. The tall trees keeps the sun out and making you comfortable. There is a cute little splash pad where kids can get wet and enjoy. 

Peidmont park is adjacent to the garden and shares the parking lot. So if you do not feel like spending money and visiting the garden then you may take a stroll at the park too. It also has its own large splash pad and a pond with the city overlooking from there. Good for adults and kids alike.

Visit or revisit - Revisit (due to its dynamic nature and ever changing interior)

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