Disney with a toddler?

Disney wouldn't be Disney if not for it's awe creating magical world, or the characters that live in the parks. And who gets excited to be immersed in this unreal world? The children at their most innocent age. The toddlers who are learning to use their imagination.

I have had numerous moms and friends ask me if it would really be worth going to Disney with a toddler at hand. Well I have been to Disney while pregnant and an infant in hand, with an infant and a toddler and now with 2 toddlers. And let me tell you we never seem to be any less impressed each time. The only thing to going to Disney with toddlers is that you cannot make the trip cramped up. Yes you need planning (and also YES things will not go as planned.. since toddlers you know 😅) but keep one park a day atleast in hand to be able to get the most out of it. 


Visit the parks during off peak months. Early January to late February and late September to mid November are great times to visit. Also the weather is perfect as well during these months.

Stay on property. Depending on your budget you can stay at a moderate or deluxe resort and spend some relaxing days on the resort. Or if you just want to visit the parks and need a hotel to sleep at night then the All star resorts are a great option. Why? Well standard parking is free in the parks for staying on property. Easy access to the parks. Extra magic hours. Free magic bands. The feel of Disney magic even when you are back from the parks. The list is good and during off peak times and All star resort will cost you similar to staying off property.

A comfortable stroller. Your child is a toddler. Who will run around and also get tired. A stroller will not only be great for them to rest but also hold their heavy diaper bags, snacks and essentials.

Snacks. The good thing about Disney parks is that outside food is allowed in the parks. With toddlers you need a handful of snacks since it is not practical to buy lots when you have to try and cover a lot in the parks. So bring along as many snacks as you wish and store it in the stroller. 
Im not in much favor of junk food for kids, but when you are on a vacation, let the kids be on a vacation and get some enjoyment too :)

If possible keep a relax day between the park days. So you definitely need 4 days (one for each park) and one day in between to relax since with toddlers you cannot over do. 
Don't be disappointed if you are not able to cover everything. It's better to have made some great memories and have enjoyed your time rather then trying to squeeze too much and be disappointed the end of the day. 
Which brings me to the point that with staying on property also gives you the chance to book your fastpasses 60 days in advance which is a HUGE step forward to getting your most preferred rides booked easily. 

Try to keep your child's routine intact as much as you can during your trip. Don't let them go hungry for long periods. Take your breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks timely since having their tummies satisfied will keep them in a happy mood. If it's their nap time, try to go to a quiter place for sometime. The best bet at this point would be to do a ride where you require child swap so that one person is with the child in the more quiter area and giving them the environment for them to try and take their energy naps. 

There is one child care center in every park having all essentials for a child for purchase, a nursing area with few rooms, diaper changing stations and small room with tv for feeding your kids. Take advantage of it if you have an especially fussy child.

I absolutely love taking my toddlers to Disney because the smiles on their faces are priceless. The memories they carry back from there is just precious. And the stories I hear from them after returning is purely awe inspiring. And with that we look forward to our next trip and creating even more magical memories. 

Few extra tips- 

Buy small Disney themed gifts for them from dollar stores or nearby gift stores in the area and keep handy in the bag. This will be great for when you visit the stores and your toddler wants EVERYTHING.

Carry disinfectant wipes and ziplocks. This will be helpful in case of any accidents or spills on clothes or stroller or even during toilet time.

Always carry a light jacket. For unexpected cold evening. Obviously extra pair of clothes for accidents.

Bring a carrier. If there is a long line for the rides and your child cannot walk too long hand them on the baby carrier in between to give them a break and so you yourself don't wear out.

Hope these tips help you in creating a magical trip for you and your family 🧚‍♀️

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