Eagle falls trail - Cumberland falls state park

Cumberland state park is about 2 hour drive from me and we went out on a Saturday just for a trip to trail somewhere close by. Me and my husband love to go on trails and explore. We were being quite lazy this winter and as soon as the weather gave us the GO we took off.

Cumberland falls is called the "Niagara of the south" due to its resemblance. Well it is not as mighty as the original but its real nice for spending some time. 
If you want to witness the Moonbow then this is the only place to get it. Cumberland falls is the only place in the western hemisphere where you can find the moonbow. 

Cumberland falls

I will post another link for my Moonbow trip but this one was just to explore the area. We went to see the eagle falls which comes on the Trail 9 in the Cumberland state park.

From the Cumberland falls just drive straight ahead till you reach a bridge, as soon as you cross the bride you can find the Trail 9 on you right. There is parking right there.

Map of the Eagle falls trail no 9

Its a 1.9 miles loop. And if you do not want to walk that much then you can just take the shorter route and instead of going through the loop you can come back the way you went.
The trail is of Moderate level.

View of the Cumberland falls from the trail

The loop is a little tricky to go through. It took us a while to figure out the trail. You need to keep notice of the trail no 9 marked on the tree bark. There is no trail road mapped out properly and frankly we did get lost at one point. But that was fun too. 

There are trees fallen in some places which might confuse you if there is a loop trail at all. It took us about an hour to walk the loop and it was a lot fun. There were climbs and walk downs. There were mini cave like formations which kept us entertained too.

Cumberland falls view from Eagle falls.

The Eagle falls is beautiful and if you want to dip in to the water you can too. But the water was freezing cold in the 1st week of March so we just dipped are feet in.

Eagle falls

It took us a total of 2.5 hours to walk the loop and spend a good amount of time enjoying the view and the water. A good trail for beginners but do not go in the evening if you are a beginner as the trail loop can be a little confusing and I would not want any one to panic as there would be no network. 
Be careful and enjoy :)

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